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Turf.ly makes exercise fun! Carve up the world, mark your turf and compete with your friends. Are you active? Are you a lazy SOB? Doesn't matter – Turf.ly tracks any and all your outdoor activity to build a turf empire of your life.

Start local, take baby steps. Turf.ly is especially good for boosting your motivation if you hate exercise like most of us.

Run a marathon or tour a whole city. Turf.ly is designed for all-day use so you can visualize your travels and go rampaging through your friends' turf!

1. Run or walk

Collect points whenever you run or walk through a turf

2. Capture turf

Captured turfs are blue, lost turfs are grey, rivaled turfs are red.

3. Have fun!

Compete against your friends and nearby turfer neighbors.

Introducing Turf.ly for Apple Watch

Live route tracking on your wrist? It's finally here.
Play Turf.ly live, track your time, distance and speed, see your route map.
No start or stop buttons.

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1 point for running through a turf. Capture your running route and score bonuses for going further!


Turf.ly colors your world. See your travels and your neighborhoods. Paint it all blue.

capture turfs

Go for glory - if you have the most points in a turf, you capture it.


Never miss a track again. Auto-tracking with off, low or high settings make Turf.ly a breeze.

Connect with FRIENDS

Your world is formed from your circle of friends, plus you can easily add local players if you need more competition.

What are people saying about Turf.ly

“Love Turf.ly – add me as a friend to compete!”
Brittany Baldi - Host, Wicked Bites, MTV, NESN
“I'd rather battle for turf than count steps! Turfly reminds me of Mafia Wars but lighter weight and for fitness.”
Roger Dickey – Gigster, founder of Mafia Wars